HTTPS secured browsing in Facebook now default for all users

Facebook officially introduced the secured browsing feature within its site two year before. From today HTTPS secured browsing in Facebook now default for all users. The Secure Socket Layer makes the communication between your browser and Facebook server even more secure than HTTP connection.

HTTPS secured browsing in FacebookHTTPS is an abbreviation of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. This connection uses same HTTP connection using an encrypted system. So the chance for accessing by any third party can be avoided. Also the connection between client and server becomes more secure.

Facebook worked hard to make secured browsing within it’s site as default for all users since 2011. Now HTTPS secured browsing in Facebook becomes available for all users. Now it can be said that all connections to completely secured. Also the 80% of connections to mobile version of Facebook becomes secured through this connection.

The android and iOS applications for Facebook also play a major role in bringing more traffic to Facebook. These applications also use HTTPS secured browsing in Facebook. The social networking giant also makes several other changes within site to provide more secure experience for the users.HTTPS connection in Facebook

Now browsers send cookies including authentication cookies only through the HTTPS connection. Authentications cookies are only sending through HTTPS secured browsing in Facebook. So once insecure request from a genuine user becomes ambiguous. For making this request as a secured one Facebook also added one cookie named CSM. So once connection found with CSM cookie rather than authentication cookie it is redirected into HTTPS connection.

HTTPS secured browsing in Facebook also important for third party applications. Through this connection the browsers render only secured contents. Facebook wants all platform applications to choose HTTPS connection support. Facebook give 150 days to application developers to switch for HTTPS connection.HTTPS velocity graph of Facebook

As we knew there is a large community who makes connection with Facebook through the mobile phones. HTTPS secured browsing in Facebook not support within some featured phones. Facebook reported that they downgrade this section to make all connections more secure. Anyway the default HTTPS connection in Facebook things to raise the security level in the site to new heights.