LG Plus introduced world’s second LTE-A network

The first ever LTE-Advanced network was launched by SK Telecom of South Korean in the last week of June. Now LG Plus introduced world’s second LTE-A network. It is Korea’s smallest mobile carrier service available today.

second LTE-A network Samsung launched their LTE-A Galaxy SIV device based on SK Telecom. Within few weeks Samsung made a sales record of 150k units of LTE-A Galaxy SIV. With the launch of second LTE-A network by LG Plus Korea’s mobile network becomes even stronger. LTE-A network can provide two times faster data access as that of today’s LTE network.

The Company claimed that it takes 80 seconds to download a file of size 800MB file using LTE network, using LTE-A network it can be completed within 40 seconds. That is LTE-A promises twice as speed than that of LTE network. Now LTE-A available in Seoul and a number of other major cities. But in short time LG Plus will make available  new generation 4G network all across the country.

highlights of second LTE-A network

  • 4g LTE-A provide peak data rate. That is download speed of 3gbps and uploading speed of 1.5Gbps.
  • The network provides higher spectral efficiency.
  • Much improved performance at call edges.
  • Number of simultaneously active subscribers.

LG Plus reported that new range of Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices will get touch with this new generation network within short time. LG is also said to be launch upcoming Smartphones in LTE-Advanced network. The lightning fast data access and high level voice quality is always being the first choice of every cellphone customers. The new generation LTE network can provide these network features for no doubt.

It is also to be noted that LTE-A charges same as that of normal LTE network. The popular network providers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon are on their way to introduce this new generation 4G network in short time. It may be in the third quarter of this year.

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