Search for a better Search

In the new world of web the relevant and accurate information retrieval from the Search Engines has become important in the user perspective. Here the comparison of top five search engines and choose which should select for to make search for a better search.

Search for a better Search

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and AOL are the top listed search engines. Here how the results varies in each search engine using one keyword and you can choose which is the better search engine.


Google…..the name itself is enough, not need to say so many things. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as a part of a University project in 1996. After this the growth of Google was really spectacular and today it has sky as its limit.  Now even an illiterate person knows about Google ant it shows its popularity and reach.

Google is far away from its opponents in terms of services that it provides. There are large amount of pages that are indexed and relevant results are showed in quick time. Google provides a simple user interface for searching so that anyone can search on it by entering keywords. Apart from other Search Engine Google has its simple design for its home page and it has the motto to make money without doing evil. Google was listed in NASDAQ on August, 2004. Now it is not just a search engine, it is grown as a multinational corporation with variety of services like News, Image, Cloud Storage, Webmaster Tools and Analytics etc…

As an enhancement to its existing search Google introduced Graph Search in 2012. By Knowledge Graph semantic search information (structured and detailed information) is displayed along with the links from other sites. By this use can get information to resolve their queries without navigating through different websites.

Google amazed the world with their popularity and reach as it gets more than 90 million search per day. Over 1 trillion websites are indexed through Google and provides expertised user interface for searching through Text, Image and Voice based Searching. It is the only one search engine that gets search from even Antarctica. It is a proof for its reach to various users. Is you are looking for a valid and reliable information, Google it…and remember “Believe in God trust in Google”.


The next largest Search Engine is Yahoo. Yahoo was there and was the largest visited website before the entry of Google. The founders of Yahoo are Jerry Yang and David and they named it as Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide in January, 1994. But later in 1995 it was renamed as Yahoo.

As per several resources Yahoo is the site which visited by more than 700 million visitors worldwide. Yahoo is also listed in NASDAQ stock market in the United States. Before Google Yahoo was the biggest Search Engine in the world. But Google come up with new innovations and ruling the world of Web. But now Yahoo also gives equal competition to Google and other big Internet boons. Yahoo also provides several services to users apart from searching such as news, mail (Yahoo mail), videos, images etc….Microsoft has tried to overtake Yahoo in the past but failed.


Bing is a converted form of MSN by Microsoft. It was launched on June 3, 2009 and within one year the Search Engine comes to 24th rank on Alexa, which is really incredible and nice. So within a single year Bing has prospered a lot from search engine market.

Before Bing the MSN was introduced by Microsoft on August 24, 1995. It was a portal website and was a good competitor to other sites. In terms of visitors Bing has surpassed Yahoo recently. According to latest reports and sources Bing’s market share is increasing. Bing also provides services beyond the search as mail, news, Windows Live Search, MSN Search, and Live Search etc…Also Bing has taken some market share from Yahoo! and Google. The services are available in 40 different local languages.


America Online Line is the abbreviation of AOL. It is one off the oldest and popular Search Engine on the Internet. The popular services provided by AOL are web search results, image, and news service etc…..

AOL is founded as a Control Video Corporation in 1983. The services that provided by AOL are enhanced through the partnership with Google. The partnership of Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) and AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL) is known as the one of the largest and longest-standing partnerships in Internet history. So the improved searching facility is as a result of this partnership. The searching results itself is the proof for this strong Global partnership.


Baidu is a Chinese company founded by Robin Li and Eric Xu which serves only in China, Thailand, Japan, Egypt and India. Although it is not as much reached users but ranked at 6th on Alexa due to its high traffic.

Baidu provides the searching facility to users with the indexing of over 740 million web pages, 80 million images, and 10 million multimedia files. It was incorporated on January 18, 2000. Baidu become the first Chinese company to be included in the NASDAQ-100 index. Initially searching was possible in Chinese only but now Baidu provides facility to search in English also.