Google announced that Scientists unveil fossil of Darwinius masillae with doodle

On the day in which scientists unveiled fossil of Darwinius masillae in the year 2009 a doodle was published in the Google homepage landed globally. Doodle included the image of Darwinius masillae in it.

Scientists unveil fossil of Darwinius masillae
Scientists unveil fossil of Darwinius masillae (May 20, 2009)

It was in the year 1983 Darwinius masillae was found out from Messel pit, Germany. The genus name given to the species that was excavated from this place as Darwin was to make us remember the great scientist Charles Darwin and the Masillae in relation with the place from where it is excavated.

Darwinius masillae
Darwinius masillae

Researches on the fossil excavated tells that this species lived during 45million years ago at the Lutetian Stage. After research of this 95% fossil that was excavated scientist came to many conclusions. We can see the image of Darwinius masillae in the doodle replacing alphabets ‘o’.

Google doodle named Scientists unveil fossil of Darwinius masillae , that we can in the homepage on May 20th was designed as if excavation of Darwinius masillae is proceeding. To announce about the publication of the details of Darwinius masillae which was discovered years before, a new style was included in the doodle.

The entire Darwinius masillae doodle was given a different look including soil and other things which makes us understand the doodle represents something related to fossil and research. PLOS ONE is the newspaper which was regarded to be the first one which published the details of Darwinius masillae.

It was on a press conference with this news team the group of researchers unveiled about the details on their finding of this new species was out to public. The new fossil that got was regarded as the missing link in the evolution of human. It was after the continuous research for many years the actual result was out on this day. Google also took part in the announcement of missing link with this doodle.