Science can now decode your dreams

A group of researchers from Japan is now ready with the scanning machine that can decode your dreams that you see while sleeping. In first glimpse it seems to be an impossible thing but scientist of Kyoto in Japan can now show what you see in your dreams with 60% accuracy.

Yukiyasu Kamitani and his colleagues at ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories are the main hands behind this amazing achievement. In their research they used functional MRI scan machine and EEG to analyze the dreams of three people while they are asleep and produced the image of what they dreamt.

In the year 2008 itself they came with an idea by which they said that it is possible to reconstruct the activities in the brain areas which is involved in the processing of images in the brain and after five years now the team is ready with the advanced version of this technique.

The research was carried out by analyzing the reaction of our brain on different kinds of visual stimuli on three participants. The basic idea of the research is very much related with the functioning of brain on visual processing.

These three participants for the research was put in to an fMRI scanning machine with EEG wired to detect the electrical activity in the brain. The analysis was done by in a course of 10 day in three hour blocks.

Each participant was woken up almost 10times every hour when it’s found that they were fallen to the early stages of sleep. The survey was taken on the dream that saw just before they woke up and almost 200 report were collected. From the close research on that data 20 categories were picked out which most frequently found out to be occurred  in the dreams of participants.

The images of this listed elements in the categories was again viewed by the participants and brain activity was analyzed and compared with those captured during when they were asleep. By analyzing this researchers found out the similarities in the brain activities and was succeeded in visualizing the images that they dreamed during sleep. More researches in this area are going on.

The machine to decode the dream seems to be something new and an amazing. Till now dreams were dream but now you can visualize your dreams. This research hopefully will be a new turn over in the scientific world.