Google’s Giovanni Schiaparelli Birthday Doodle

Google remembered Giovanni Schiaparelli on his birthday with a special doodle on the homepage. Schiaparelli Birthday Doodle was global and it perfectly included all the things to make his works remembered. He was famous for his telescopic researches on planet Mars.

Schiaparelli Birthday Doodle
Schiaparelli Birthday Doodle(March 14, 2009)

Giovanni Schiaparelli Birthday Doodle included many small changes from original logo of Google that usually appears on the Google homepage. Designer of the Google doodle replaced Google logo alphabet ‘o’ in a new look which is replaced with white color as two holes in the outer space planet.

As a background to the Schiaparelli doodle we can see a white and brown background in it which makes us point towards his exploration on red planet. The entire doodle is perfect for making world remember Giovanni Schiaparelli on Giovanni Schiaparelli’s Birthday.

Giovanni Schiaparelli was born in the year 1835. During his life time he worked on investigation of life in the Mars and during his telescopically observation of Mars he was able to find out many important results about the planet. Out of all his findings it was asteroid 69 Hesperia on April 12 of 181 which made his findings noticeable all over.

Giovanni Schiaparelli
Giovanni Schiaparelli

By 1877 he came up with many more results and findings about astronomy and particles in Mars. He was known by all the scientist of his time and his finding were used to make researches on Mars and other bodies in space.

This Italian scientist and astronomer had wrote many books to make his finding available for public. Life on Mars, the falling stars and classical astronomy includes all his theories and findings in it. With all these works he marked his finding in the history with golden alphabets. Giovanni Schiaparelli was a man who was perfectly confident in his work and it was this which made him explore all that he did in the life.

He was awarded Bruce award and gold medal for Royal astronomical society in 1902 and 1872 respectively. Apart from these honors and awards after his death many places were renamed in to his name and respected him and his contributions in Astronomy. With this doodle on homepage Google also honored Giovanni Schiaparelli.