Saul Bass 93rd Birthday Google Doodle with Animation

On the 93rd  birthday of American graphic designer Saul Bass Google presented a beautiful doodle in his memory. The doodle appeared on the home page was an animated one which included beautiful colors and unsquare dance music of Dave Brubeck.

Saul Bass 93rd Birthday Google Doodle Saul Bass 93rd Birthday Google Doodle ,we can see the reflection of his works. He was known as the best graphic designer of his time. He had special skill in designing logos, title sequences for films and film posters.

Saul Bass work for the film Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock in 1958 made him famous. Google have used the part of this work in the doodle to make it special. Google doodle have also incorporated his work of ‘Anatomy of murder’ in it. The way in which Google logo is presented in the doodle in a sequence resembles his art work for the film Anatomy of murder.

After the illustration based on his poster work of Anatomy of Murder Google have included his children book Henri’s walk to Paris in a comic way in the doodle. The entire doodle is beautifully decorated with the ingredients that relates to Saul Bass works in one or other way.

Saul Bass
Saul Bass
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Google doodle presented in the home page is an interactive one with provisions for playing it with music, muting, rewinding and forwarding it on mouse click. The music beat composed by Dave Brubeck which was included in the doodle gives a special charm to it.

Saul Bass was born in the year 1920 May 8th. It was in the year he officially stepped in to Hollywood with his creative mind. The works that got birth from him was a new experience for the people. Apart from the graphic designer for films he have also designed many logos for corporate firms.

In the year 1974 he stepped in to the career of film director. Phase IV is the movie directed by him. It is a science fiction movie and we can find the best of his talent in it. Saul Bass was died in the year 1996 April 25th