126th Birth Anniversary of Saturnino Herran Google Doodle

126th Birth Anniversary of Saturnino Herran was celebrated by Google with a beautiful doodle on the homepage of Mexico. Herran was a great artist who have lots of famous works known worldwide. In the Saturnino Herran Google Doodle we can see one of his famous work.

Saturnino Herran Google Doodle
Saturnino Herran Google Doodle (July 9, 2013)

Google doodle in the homepage clearly points to the message of his birth anniversary as it pictures the most known work he did”The offering”  in his career. Herran was admired by many artists of his time and many tried in copying his form of painting. It’s commom to see Birthday doodles of artist with their works in Google.

Saturnino Herran was born on 1887 July 7th  , was very much interested in drawing from the childhood itself and started attending drawing classes from the time when he was child. Later he got many great artist as masters and he studied more about drawing and mixing of colors.

Antonio Fabres and Gedovius are the the people who have influenced him. Fabres taught Herran the lessons of European Modern Art and Gedovius the way of color mixing. It was Saturnino Herran who introduced a new painting form which was a link between Pre Colombian and Hispanic culture.

During 1908 Herran works started getting recognition all over the world. It was on 1910 Independence Day of Mexico the incident which made him popular took place. On that day, Herran along with some other artist protested against not having exhibition on Mexican Art while conducting Spanish Art exhibition. It was coming up with their painting to the public and organizing a counter exhibition they protested against this and this made him recognized over the country.

Herran was the first artist who entered in to mural painting at the time in the country. Though Saturnino Herran lived only for 31 years of life, his works make him remember today also. Saturnino Herran was given many awards for his artistic skills during that time itself. By presenting this Saturnino Herran Google Doodle ,he was honored and respected for the works he did.