Santa Lucia 2002 Google Doodle on 23rd December

Santa Lucia is known as a feast day celebrated on 13th December which is dedicated to Saint Lucy and mostly observed in Sweden and Norway. But it is also celebrated in countries like  Estonia,  Denmark, Finland,  Italy,  Hungary,  Latvia,  Malta,  Bavaria, Slovakia,  Croatia,  Bosnia,  Spain and West Indies.

Santa Lucia 2002 Google Doodle
Santa Lucia 2002 (December 23, 2002)

In United States Santa Lucia is celebrated with cookies for the people in Scandinavian ancestry who will gather for the church events. As in the traditional concept of celebration, a young women known as Saint Lucy will come with sweets and lights. Santa Lucia is known as the one of the few feast day celebrated in Scandinavia.

One of the major customs in the celebration is the procession. On this occasion a young girl wearing the white gown and crown of candles would lead the procession. Other girls will follow her with holding a single candle for each one. As mentioned earlier Santa Lucia is widely celebrated in Sweden and Norway. In Norway a girl is elected for procession to portrait Lucia.

Lucia Procession in Sweden
Lucia Procession in Sweden
[ Image Credit : Fredrik Magnusson ]
 As we see that in the procession the girl who portraits Saint Lucia will wear a crown of candles. Google pictured the same. A crown of candle is portrayed above the ‘o’ in Google Logo. The celebration is associated with cookies which are eaten on that specific day. The doodle pictured this also.

A traditional kind of bun known as Lucia Bun which is made with saffron is eaten on the day. The logo contains the Lucia Bun and a cup of tea in a tray. So in nutshell the Santa Lucia 2002 Google Doodle illustrated 2 important custom associated with Santa Lucia.