Santa Claus Day 2008 Google Doodle

Santa Claus is a figure which having the mythical, historical, folkloric and legendary origin in the western culture.  On the occasion of Santa Claus Day 2008 Google doodle named Santa Claus Day 2008 was published on December 5, 2008.

Santa Claus Day 2008 Google Doodle
Santa Claus Day 2008 (Dec 6, 2008)

Santa Claus is also known as Father Christmas, St. Nicolas and Kris Kingle or simply by the name Santa who is believed to give away gifts to children in the night before Christmas as per the western concept. But in some European countries Santa Claus present the gifts to children in Santa Claus Day on 6th December.

In modern days the historical the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas is considering as gift giver Saint Nicholas and historical figure of Christian bishop.  St. Nicolas was the Patron Saint of sailors, fishermen, the falsely accused, pawnbrokers, thieves and a number of cities and also the Bishop of Myra.

Santa Claus Day 2008 Google doodle was released by Google as a part of Santa Claus day. In the Santa Claus Day 2008 doodle there is the boot and gifts that are presented by Santa.

Santa Claus Day Decoration
Santa Claus Day Decoration [Image Credit :]
One of his miracles includes blessing to a poor father who is struggling to give dowry to his daughter and find little bags of gold coins thrown through their windows, under cover of night.

Germany celebrates Saint Claus Day or St. Nicolas Day strongly and due to German influence some cities of US like city of Milwaukee also celebrate this special day.

There are similar celebrations in Netherlands and in parts of Belgium as well. But the St. Nicolas Day celebrations are narrowed to some parts in US. In past few decades the custom of giving the gifts are shifted as a part of Christmas celebration in world wide.