Samuel Morse Google Doodle on his Birthday including Telegraph message

Samuel Morse’s Birthday doodle appeared on Google homepage landed globally on April 27th on 2009.  Though Morse started his career as a painter he then moved on researches and experiments in the later years. Single wire telegraph and Morse code are the inventions which he contributed to the world.

Samuel Morse Google Doodle
Samuel Morse Google Doodle (April 27, 2009)

Google Doodle that we see in the Google homepage that landed globally clearly reflects the message of the day by the inclusion of Morse code in it. Samuel Morse was the man who had extra ordinary skills and intelligence.

Samuel Morse was born in the year 1791 on April 27th. Starting from 1815 a lot of paintings got birth from this talented personality. Morse captured American culture and life style in his works. Morse took paining as his career till 1825 until the incident which made him to stop the painting career took place.

Samuel Morse
Samuel Morse

It was in the year 1825 Samuel Morse got the contract to paint a portrait of Marquis de Lafayette in Washington. It was during this work he got a message that his wife was ill. The message was send via a horse messenger as there were no other means of communication at that time.

Unfortunately before Samuel reached home, his wife was dead and buried. This incident was a real pain for him and he started working on a means to find a method for long distance communication with the help of Charles Thomas Jackson who was well educated in the field of electromagnet.

Starting from that time he worked so hard to achieve the patent for Telegraph that he invented. It was in 1847 he succeeded in winning the patent for telegraph. Now the telegraph machine that Samuel Morse invented is in National Museum of American History. This invention of single wired telegraph was a great milestone in the field communication. By this Google doodle we got a chance to remember the time when the technology that we see today was a dream.