Samsungs OLED displays are awful: Tim Cook

There is always a rival remains between all tech Companies of the world. Upon these new generation battles the most focusing one is the competition between Apple and Samsung. The rival between these Companies reaches at its peak from the patent case victory by Apple Inc. Now The Apple CEO Tim Cook says that Samsungs OLED displays are awful.

Samsungs OLED displays are awfulIn the second zone we saw the fan fight through different ads. Finally it reached at the word fight. At the Goldman Sachs technology and internet conference Tim Cook said that Samsung’s OLED displays are awful and it is not at all bright. Tim Cook made a comparison with OLED displays to retina display. According to him retina displays are twice as brighter than that of OLED displays. He added that other than newer forms the companies must focus in color saturation and brightness.

In some way Tim Cook is right. OLED displays are not much promising other than flexibility. Tim Cook said it straightly with pointing Apple’s rival to Samsung. In fact retina display are far good than OLED displays. But at the same time the perfect display is not within iDevices. LCD panel displays are sharper and brighter than retina displays and it is widely found in android devices.

The Korean electronics Company Samsung introduces the flexible phone displays in CES 2013. The event was held on 8th January. At the time of launching Brian Berkeley the head of Samsung electronics said that the upcoming Smartphones will feature with flexible displays. He also shows off some of devices with OLED displays.

The flexible displays are developed using Organic Light Emitting Diode or OLED technology. The display can be printed on any kind of substrate. The development of this particular display demands only budget rate. Currently the manufactures uses glass as substrate. OLED displays help to replace it with plastic. Thereby the manufacturing cost can be reduced at the same time the display became flexible.

As Samsung became the leading Smartphone manufacture they can provide any type of display. The target behind the introduction of OLED displays is to make the devices more confortable to use. The flexible display allows easy handling of phones and tablets. It becomes easily fir in our pockets like a wallet. At the same time the bent screens can shows off messages and updations without having any interruptions.flexible OLED display

The devices became unbreakable with OLED displays. It is only requiring low power so that can avoid quick battery dryness. The 10 inch or 7 inch tablets can be shortened to Smartphone size those are featured with OLED displays. Also such flexible screen Smartphone becomes even shorter.

All these specifications come in right way with OLED displays. But at the same time we have to rethink about how it results into in the case of clarity and color saturation. Even though Tim Cook said it as because of never ending rival to Samsung he pointed out the right thing. No one can criticize anything without proper reasons. Any way we can wait for the Samsung’s reply to Tim Cook with the upcoming devices.