Samsung unveils premium touch screen monitors

Samsung the South Korean multinational conglomerate Company wide variety of Electronics products. In those products the Smart phone and tablet series became more popular. Samsung monitors are also makes high profits in the market. On the New Year day Samsung unveils premium touch screen monitors which will be only goes official at CES 2013.Samsung unveils premium touch screen monitors

The series 7 SC770 from Samsung outed new touch based monitors, completely focused for Windows 8 operating system. The Company also unveils series 7 SC750 non touch based monitors. This series have complete slim and inorgonomic design. Both Samsung monitor series have full HD resolutions of 1920*1080p. “We are committed to serving an expanding market of aspiring young professionals with professional-grade monitors that match their needs. As the industry leader for seven consecutive years Samsung is exploring a new technology that provides discerning user with affordable cutting edge monitor that deliver a diffrenciated user experience” says Junghhwan Kim Senior Vice President of visual display unit Samsung.

When the metro based Windows 8 operating system arrived the popular Companies provides the users new level touch based monitors that are optimized for new generation OS. Samsung’s series S7 SC 770 monitors completely focused for Windows 8 operating system. It is the first ever multi- touch display monitor for Windows 8 from Samsung.

Samsung s series S7 SC 770 provides 10 point of simultaneous multi touch. So that users can experienced a full touch based experience which they gets from an innovative tablet, can drag rotate select anything without having any efforts. The full experience of Windows 8 operating system only be complete with touch based monitors.

The Samsung series S7 SC770 monitors have ultra flexible stand so that users can set the monitor at their wish. Also it provides great viewing experience with ultra-thin Basel along with wide viewing angles. Series S7 SC 770 has ability to offers 60% tilting for its monitors. It is comes with 24 inches in size. So with series S7 SC 770 monitors we can get into full based Windows 8 experience.

The series S7 SC750 monitors comes up with a slim ergonomic design. It is a non-touched based monitor from Samsung. It is a 27 inch sized monitors. The SC750 series monitors have 5000:1 contract ratio which is about five times greater than that of today’s standard monitors. It provides ultra sharp images for complete viewing experience to the users, offers 90 degree pivot.

The new innovative monitor provides web surfing and documents in landscape as well as in portrait mode. It promises great viewing angle and ultra sharpen display. It also supports HDMI ports for fast transfering of multimedia contents to other digital devices. Users can also found USB ports within it. SC750 monitors makes everything very clear.

Samsung had also unveilss natural color expert technology offers affordable white balance and uniformity. The plane line switching technology delivers new experience in HD mode. It is coming under a contract ratio of 1000:1. It also has HDMI ports. These series of monitors officially introduced to the markets in CES 2013 in short time. The price tags of each series announce at that time.