Samsung to pay up $1billion to Apple in patent suit

After 21 hours of discussion Apple inc win a legal victory over Samsung. The US court asks the Korean company to pay &1.2 billion to Apple in patent suit. This will surely affect the Samsung market negatively. Also hit the Galaxy Smartphone’s and tablets. it is one of the biggest patent  case in technical world. Now Samsung to pay up $1billion to Apple in patent suit.

Samsung to pay up $1billion to AppleThe special jury who investigate the patent case between Samsung and Apple find out that The Korean electronics giant infringe D’087 patent. They also announced that Apple didn’t make any infringement to Samsung. That is Apple won’t have to pay anything to Samsung. But Samsung  to pay $1billion to Apple. As became the leader of modern electronics world $1 billion is not at all a mater for Samsung, But this patent infringement case will surely affect their reputation within the technical world.

What Samsung copied from Apple

Within the patent case Apple accused that Samsung infringing seven patents. It covers features like pinch to zoom to bounce back we seen while scrolling. These features are the core of iPhone and iPad series. The investigation team of this infringement case find out that Samsung infringing six out of seven patents. Apple failed to stated that Samsung infringing their popular iPad design.

There are utility patent and design patent, upon them utility patent covers controls on Smartphones and tablets. Within the utility patent Samsung infringing patents like 381, 915 and 667. The patent 381 describes Smartphone’s ability to rotate by twisting and zooming by pitching. Patent 915 covers scrolling feature with one finger. Finally the 667 patents stands for tap to zoom feature.

For this infringement Samsung to pay up $1billion to Apple within the ordered time.In future Samsung have to pay a great amount for Apple for using these features in upcoming products. Apple made the accuse against the popular Galaxy series. The patent infringement case may affect the market of Samsung products negatively. It also may help upcoming Apple iPhone and iPad series.