Samsung teases with unprecedented TV design

Samsung itself is the most focusing company for CES 2013. Before the show Samsung teases with unprecedented TV design.Samsung teases with unprecedented TV design

It is a fact that when technological Companies like Google, Apple and Samsung promote their products with a 5 second video or by a single image it will turns the customer’s curiosity to the max level. This time Samsung put single image of their new innovative TV design– a portrait style screen on a beach. Also they wrote in their official blog that “A true innovation of TV design is coming up with unprecedented new TV shape and timeless gallery design…”

Samsung had also posted a teaser video on YouTube recently which highlights the new design TV from the Company. It is a 1.09 minutes video which describes all current TVs and customers rushes for CES 2013 to see Samsung’s new TV design. In the video they shown the new TV design which covered by a white sheet. The video also reveals that the new model have more heights than from its width which implies for traditional 16:9 widescreen display

CES 2013 also focused for the Korean Electronics giant for the introduction of world’s largest commercialized UHD LED TV. It is developed through advanced 4K technology. It is 85 inch giant TV. The crystal clear quality is offers by the 3840*2160 pixel resolutions. Samsung used 8 million pixels for the development of this innovative television. Last year the Company introduced a new HDTV set which have advanced personal assistant voice control system and motion detection. In CES 2013 Samsung not only presents the new generation TVs but also they are plans to surprise us with Smartphones and tables.