Samsung plans to reduce android usage and take on with Tizen OS

Samsung plans to reduce android usage and take on with Tizen OSMost of all successful cellphones from Samsung running on Google’s android operating system. But now Samsung thinking of hardware software coupling from home. So amsung plans to reduce android usage and take on with Tizen OS.

Android has more than 75% shares in the market. The reports say that 3 out of 4 Smartphones are running on android. The unique features of android make it a powerful tool for all cellphones running on it. The resizable widgets, automation, wireless application installation, advanced flash support, custom home launchers and open source nature makes operating system an idle one. Also it is inbuilt with most effective Google services. So naturally anyone who reviewed an android Smartphone gives more importance to the OS.

This dominance of android makes its manufactures to down position. That’s why Samsung goes for a new operating system to secure its future. Samsung also have a keen focus on the adoption of new OS which have more control by the manufacture. This is one of the reasons why Apple using its own hardware and software for its products.  Now Samsung is in the same way with adoption of Tizen operating system.

Tizen is an open source operating system which is supported with multiple devices such as Smartphones, tablets, netbooks, smart TVs and invehicle infotainment devices. The basic elements of Tizen OS are Linux foundation and WebKit runtime. The Tizen SDK allows application developers to use up of HTML for makeup innovative applications. It supports web applications such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It provides a perfect application frame work, multimedia, network and system services.

Tizen allows developers to write applications for multiple devices other than that of Smartphones and tablets. Tizen also have application storage where we can get innovative HTML5 applications. Tizen in Smartphone provides powerful and flexible user interface, 3D Window effect, Multitasking and advanced multimedia supports. The support of scalable screen resolution allows Manufactures to use this OS on different handsets.

Samsung officially announced that the Company will release Tizen based Smartphone at the middle of this year. But everyone is eagerly waiting for the grand introduction of Samsung Galaxy SIV which is probably runs on android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Anyway CES 2013 will witness new devices and OS adoption announcement from Samsung.

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