Samsung introduce S9 Ultra HD TV in CES 2013

As the International Consumer Electronics show reaches its final day the tech world had witnessed lots of innovative products from it till now. Today Samsung introduce S9 Ultra HD TV in CES 2013, get show attention of the people in the show.

Samsung Ultra HD TV S9 is coming up with 85 inches in size. Samsung fits a large enormous frame around the TV. The frame had gone to top and bottom of the surface. It will helps to stands the TV in desired position. Also the 120W speakers are mounted on the top of the products. All other Companies are focused on to provide thinnest designs.

Samsung developed this advanced Television using 4K technology. Normally the full HD TVs are using 2 million pixels to offers the crystal clear picture quality,coming under 1920*1080 resolutions. When everyone get into stuck on HD TVs the popular manufactures turns for next major step -Ultra High Definition TVs. These new generation TVs are coming under 3840*2160 resolutions standard. There are about 8million pixel are used in UHD TVs. Such TVs can provide unprecedented picture quality.

The main reason for people choosing high definition TVs because of the clear picture presentation that will get from it more than that of normal one. The higher pixel addition allows viewing the image in clear state even if they are in zoomed state. Samsung also uses 8 million pixels in its S9 UHD TV. The first quality of this UHD TV is unprecedented picture quality itself. With 3D glasses we can get in to the new world of entertainment. Samsung keenly focused delivered the 3D effects at its best.

Samsung provide some special processing steps for S9 Television than that of other UHD TVs. The precision black pro optimizes the backlight. The advanced technology in Samsung S9 helps to avoid the breakup of images even in large scale mode. “Ultra HD will get there until what happens you have got to have fantastic upscaling built into the TV and that is our real focus here. How do you take HD contents, upscale it and keep it looking crisp. That is where S9 comes into its own” Samsung executive said. Samsung Ultra HD S9 TV will be available from last 2013.

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