Samsung Galaxy SVI concepts hits online

Samsung Galaxy S is the most popular Smartphone series today exits. The popular series hits 100 million sales record in very short time. It is a time when everyone is awaiting for the release of fourth generation Galaxy S Smartphone, confirmed for 14th March. At this tome Samsung Galaxy SVI concepts leaked online.

Samsung Galaxy SVI concepts hits onlineWhenever a new Smartphone gets introduced to the market the first ever thing that we checked is the new featured within that. Every cellphone manufactures have definite vision about it. They try to provide innovative features through each new line devices. The reporters from android conspiracy informed the awesome Galaxy SVI concepts.

Samsung Galaxy SVI will be a 4.5 inch S-OLED screen with stunning 2K display. Galaxy SVI is going to to be develop under OLED technology so can bent stretch at our wish. Galaxy SVIturns to be the  first ever non-rectangular cellphone from Samsung, have a screen resolutions of 1920*1080px.

The outer case of Galaxy SVI will makes of high quality plastic. The hyperskin nano coating is also used with Galaxy SVI. The futuristic Samsung phone will also provide better out door experience. It will be the scratch resistant shatter resistant Smartphone from the Company. As plastic is the row material behind the design there will be only a low cost demand for it.

Samsung Galaxy SVI going to be the thinner and lighter Smartphone from the Company. As Galaxy SVI can be bent in anyways we can fix it in our pocket. The Galaxy SVI will powered by home grown quad-core processor, will have an internal storage space of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. It is going to be run on android 6.0 operating system. The particular OS version seems to be introduced in next year.

Samsung Galaxy SVI will have 18 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash. It supports 4K high frame rate video recording. It makes your each moment in high quality standard. The phone will work under 4G LTE network. It promises to provide high speed data access and excellent voce quality.

The phone supports wireless charging. The advanced battery within the Galaxy SVI will gives a standby time of 1week. It keeps out the easy battery standby. The Galaxy SVI Smartphone will introduce in the year of 2014. The detailed specifications and release date will inform later.