Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch is coming: What to expect?

Samsung new launches are expected to take place on March 15th in Samsung event. Official announcements for Galaxy SIV have already reached the news headlines. Now rumors are spreading about the new Samsung product a ‘Smart Watch’.

According to the unofficial reports Samsung smart watch are expected to run in the Altius OS but some reports say that it’s just the code name of Samsung Galaxy SIV. Samsung Smart Watch which runs its own custom OS is expected to be the most innovative release by Samsung with its most awaited Smartphone Galaxy SIV.

So now there are three new devices expected from Samsung by first half of 2013.  One is Samsung Galaxy SIV, the smartphone which is the most awaited product from Samsung. Rumors of Galaxy SIV where in market throughout the past year after Apple launching it iPhone 5.Code name for Samsung Galaxy SIV is Project J Altius.

The next device which is expected from the big brand is Samsung Galaxy SIV mini. Reports says the product is codenamed as Project J mini Serrano. So the code names of these products will not be a correct answer for the rumored Samsung watch Active Fortius.

A platform other than Android will be a high risk for Samsung at this time because the popularity of Android platform is the reason behind the success of Samsung over all other brands in recent years. Android popularity is in its peak range. But the other two products that Samsung that comes on March 15th is built in complete Android platform.

We can see the flexibility, user interactivity, application integration and development features, easy access with customization properties that was the trademark in all popular all Samsung devices in the new product Galaxy SIV and Galaxy SIV mini also. Google Android platform was a big support for the existence of Samsung.

Rumor of new OS for the expected product of Samsung watch is something that the company not confirmed till now. At this same stage many rumors are spreading with Apple iWatch in the tech world. So we have wait till March 15th for the witnessing the real reality.

Active Fortius is expected to provide all the facilities that an ordinary man want to have while in a journey, daily jogging and exercise time. It is expected to include the facilities of music player, sound recognition and many more. The developers have not yet revealed its connectivity features with net or other devices. Email and message services are also rumored in the new Samsung Watch.

Hopefully we can see a big change in the entire world with Samsung event 2013 on March. The three products that is expected from Samsung will be something which give the Samsung fans a way to experience a new treat.