Samsung Galaxy Altius Smart Watch images leaked

The scope of wearable computing devices is always seems to be high because they reduces the complexity within the usage of devices, that is exactly why popular manufactures all set for introducing smart watches. Now Samsung Galaxy Altius Smart Watch images leaked.

There is no correct confirmation of the device from the authority. Recently screen shots of the new Samsung Altius have been leaked. There were a confusion regarding the name of the Smart Watch which is expected to be launched by the company in the Samsung event. Some reports says Altius is the codename of Samsung Galaxy SIV, the smartphone in the project J series. Active Fortius is also murmured in the back ground as the name for Smart Watch by Samsung.

The leaked screen shots of Smart Watch points out that Samsung Galaxy Altius is the name for the new smart watch. Leaked images of the device also gives hinds of some specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Altius.

There is no hints for the platform in which the device will be running. It will probably a custom OS by Samsung. Android is not expected be the platform for this device. We have to wait until the official launch to know more about the platform. Galaxy Altius help to manage calls, messages, apps and browsing.

Samsung is now getting closer to Apple with their new technological innovations and user friendly devices. Samsung Galaxy SIV is the next product of the project J which was expected to be the best competitor of Apple iPhone 5. Rumors from Apple says that they are also in the work of iWatch. These two big shots are now ready for the face to face competition.

The Samsung Galaxy Altius is expected to have all the basic features that you have in your phone. The screen shots reveals that the smart watch will have only a limited memory capacity. 235MB memory is the expected storage capacity of the watch which indicates that it will be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth for better performance.

Connectivity features are not yet out from the company. It is expected to a product which can be taken with you in your long journeys or during your daily exercise. Email, messaging, music player are also rumored to be integrated in the new Samsung Galaxy Altius.