Samsung filed patent lawsuit against new Apple products

Within a few months we had seen many patent cases between Apple and Samsung. The beginning of this battle was start from the Apple’s $1.02 billion patent win over Samsung electronics. Now Samsung filed patent lawsuit against new Apple products. The Korean company mainly focused for new iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch.Samsung filed patent lawsuit against new Apple products

In October Samsung added the most anticipated Apple iPhone 5 to its infringed device’s list. The Korean Company claimed that the dominant Smartphone of Apple had violated many patents. But the US court found that the phone is out of Samsung’s claim. Now they have added all latest Apple devices such as 4th generation iPad, iPad mini and 5th generation iPod touch to their infringed devices list. Samsung claimed that these Apple devices are infringed to UMTS wireless patents. Those are within cellular variants. The patents are linked to both Wi-Fi and cellular series of latest iPad and iPad mini. The fifth generation iPod touch is infringed for volume control mechanism on portable media players.

UMTS is stands for Universal Mobile Communications Systems the reputed service that handle with various network and product patents. UMTS mainly focused on areas such as GSM, CDMA, LTE, 3G, 4 G, Cellular, Messaging, Bluetooth…Etc. the UMTS service help us to provide the followings:

  • Provide the rights to claim infringement against your particular product or company.
  • Allow us to find out other products and patents of companies that are infringed to your patents.
  • Helps us to filter out the products that are violates your patents.

After you claim your case the UMTS service checkup for whether your patents are sufficient standard and that are within potential license. It is meant for to deciding your patents are under UMTS standards. The next thing UMTS service supposed to do is to make sure that your patents are not infringes to any other patents. They also are looking up for the quality and technical aspects of patent. UMTS help to avoid the case by handover the genuine products to other parties for checking up its specifications and validity to make sure that are not within the patent. It also shows off different patent cases that are within same subject.

UMTS service only do the analysis and validation of patents that are within network, phone, devices, services, spectrum and business. The patent opinion letter will only be written by certified authorities of property law. Currently Samsung accused for cellular and wireless standards of Apple tabs. The cellular version of  iPads are currently used for LTE services. The Wi-Fi standards of new generation iPads are 802.11n. Samsung claimed that these standards are infringed to UMTS wireless patents.