Samsung Confirms Retina Scanning For Galaxy Note 4

Through fingerprint system for Galaxy S5 Samsung stepped into bio-metric system for their smartphone series. Now they teases retina scanning system for upcoming Galaxy Note 4 phablet through official Samsung Exynos Twitter account.

The new teaser image of Galaxy Note 4 from Samsung show off a phablet that focusing an eye on the screen. The image also included a list of bills with pay button. The image of eye with circles that indicate scanning reflects retina scanning system for upcoming Galaxy device. The screen of device in the picture also indicate that the device that going to announce from Samsung is nothing but new Galaxy Note 4 phablet.

The list of bills with pay button indicate integration of new retina scanning system with services like PayPal. Just as services offered by fingerprint system in Galaxy S5 Smartphone. Galaxy Note 4 can also unlocked through retina scanning technology.

Galaxy Note 4 phablet will have a new retina sensor on front phase of the device. It will offers more accuracy in scanning than fingerprint scanning system in Galaxy S5 as it works through swiping on screen. Samsung will introduce Galaxy Note 4 in IFA electronic show in September 2014, will announce list of applications and services integrated with retina scanning system.