Salvador Novo 110th Birthday Marked with Google Doodle

Mexican Writer Salvador Novo gets a Google Doodle, its 110th birthday of Novo marked by this doodle on Google Mexico. Novo is also famous as a entrepreneur, tv show presenter, poet and play writer.

Salvador Novo Google Doodle
Salvador Novo Google Doodle(July 30,2014)

Google Doodle for Novo includes his portrait, its alphabet ‘o’ in logo replaced with Novo’s image holding a pen. Doodle for Novo will be present of Mexican Google Homepage for 24 hours, also clicking the doodle, you will get all links related to writer Novo.

Salvador Novo

Salvoder Nove is born on 3o July, 1904 at Mexico City. Novo was a child with great interest in art and literature. After his law studies in 1921 from National University of Mexico, joining Faculty of Art Novo gained knowledge in Italian language and became a professor.

Novo became the head of Editorial Department in Ministry of Education in 1925. It’s during this period Novo’s publication got wider attention. New Love, Mirror, Poem XX are some of his initial works. Novo wrote many theater plays and poems in following years. He was one of the best writer of his time.

The way in which Novo conveyed the messages through his works attracted public. Novo was given many awards including National Prize for Literature.

Salvador Novo died on January 13, 1974.


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