Google honored poet Salah Jahin on 83rd Birthday with doodle

Google on 83rd birthday of Salah Jahin, the Egyptian poet, cartoonist and writer dedicated a Google doodle on the home page of Google Egypt and other selected countries.

Salah Jahin Google doodle
Salah Jahin Birthday doodle(December 25, 2013)

It was on 25th December, on the Christmas day Google published this Salah Jahin Bithday Google doodle. The grand Night, one of the most known work by Jahin was the theme of the doodle on Google homepage. Google Doodle included three characters from this work in it. Replacement of logo alphabets with the characters in Jahin’s work made logo change apt for Jahin’s Birthday.

Born on a middle class Egyptian family in 1930, Jahin studied law from the Cairo University. Jahin started his career as a writer at the age of 25. ‘Rose al Yousef’ was the magazine in which Jahin initially worked. Starting from ‘Rose al Yousef’ , Jahin worked in series of magazine. Jahin has got a great role in developing the Egyptian poetry in that era.

From 1950’s he was started to get recognized as a great artist. In 1960’s and 70’s he did many epic works. The grand Night operetta, one which is the base theme of the Google Doodle for Jahin was also took birth in this period. Jahin wrote many lyrics ,poems, plays and articles during this period. Salan Jahin was a man who proved his skills in many field. Apart from working as a lyricist, poet and writer, Jahin was also a good cartoonist and he had even produced films and became screenwriter for films. At the age of 35, in 1965, Jahin was honored with the award for Egyptian Order of the science  and arts of the first class.

Jahin was died on 21st April 1986 an the age of 55. Today also , after years of his death , Jahin is regarded as an legend who gave a new style to the colloquial Egyptian poetry. Google honored his talents with beautiful Google doodle on his 83rd birthday.