Saint Lucy’s Day Google Doodle 2007 with Candle crown

Saint Lucia is a Cristian saint known by all Italian people. People all over there her feast day with grand programs every year on December 13. Google decorated its homepage landed in Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Finland and Norway with this special doodle.

Saint Lucy’s Day Google Doodle 2007
Saint Lucy’s Day Google Doodle 2007 (December 13, 2007)

In the Saint Lucy’s Day Google Doodle 2007 ,that was published on the homepages of these countries we can see a candle crown on the Google logo letter ‘o’. The system of wearing candle crown by a girl and leading the procession followed by people with candle in hands are common in these countries which celebrates Saint Lucy’s Day.

It’s believed that Saint Lucy was lived during the time AD 283-304 at Sicilia. Her feat day is also referred as the celebration of light and winter. This observance was due to the beginning winter solstice that most probably falls on December 13th and the meaning of the name Lucy, which is light.

Each country celebrates the day according to their customs and special programs. Croatian people plant wheat on the day in small bowls to decorate the Christmas crib on the Christmas day which is in December 25th.

Saint Lucy’s Day
Saint Lucy’s Day

In Italy there is a wide range of celebration on the day. They mainly prepare a food item named Cussia which includes boiled wheat, sugar and berries. Saint Lucy’s Day procession is a very important event of the day which includes the participation of large crowd.

In Sweden Saint Lucy’s Day celebrations starts when the older girl in the family dresses in a white frock wearing crown of candles on the head and wakes up all the family members with a cup of coffee and sweets. Likewise every country celebrates the day in their own traditional ways. Saint Lucy’s Day Google Doodle 2007 includes the image of the crown that we can see on the head of this girl.

Stories on her says that Lucy was born in a noble rich family. She was a great believer of God and she lost her father while she was 5 year old. Apart from having a luxurious life Lucy preferred a simple life and she wanted to share a part of her wealth for the poor. But Lucy had to face many obstructions for that and she in her life fought for was she believed and had a painful death in AD 304. There is no much evidence about the life of Lucy and her works.

There are many other legends relating to the life of Saint Lucy which says about her work for Christians living in Catacombs during protest of ancient emperors. Anyway celebrations on the day has great importance in Sweden, Italy and other places.

In many place there is a belief that Lucy travel on a donkey on the day and gives away sweet and gifts to the children. So to attract donkey children will keep milk and carrot in a bowl outside the house. Singing songs and celebrating day is very common in Italy. The day which is taken for the celebration of Saint Lucy’s feast is the shortest day of the year.