Turkish singer Safiye Ayla honor with Google Doodle on 107th Birthday

Google Monday on their Turkish homepage doodle to mark birthday of Safiye Ayla. It’s 107th birthday of singer marked with doodle with her portrait.

Safiye Ayla Google Doodle
Safiye Ayla Google Doodle(July 14, 2014)

Her portrait in Google Doodle includes a bold face of Safiye with round cap sprinkled with moon and stars shading half part of her face and necklace round neck. Google logo alphabet is included around Safiye’s image in doodle. All details of Safiye Ayla including links to hear her songs will be listed clicking on the doodle present in Google homepage on the day.

Who is Safiye Ayla?

Safiye Ayla,  born on 14 July 1907 in Istanbul is a singer well known around Turkey. Safiye was send to orphanage at the age of three after the death of her mother. From young age itself Safiye had interest in playing piano.

After completing graduation Safiye entered in to the job of a primary teacher. But she was not satisfied with it , so later on Safiye jointed the Eyup Music Society, this was her entering in music field. Safiye also studied classical music Under Udi Nevres Bey. Also, Ayla got the opportunity to work with many prominent musicians of the time.

I’s in 1931, Ayla came up with her first song. With her unique voice and style of singing Ayla captured fame and recognition with in a small time period. Ayla was fluent with all forms of music including modern and classical style. Ayla have also wrote song and acted in play in her life time.

In memory of Safiye Ayla  for young talented singers a music competition is held. Safiye have sung hundreds of songs in her career as singer. Google Doodle in Turkey is a honor for her. Safiye Ayla died on 14 January 1998.