Rubik’s Cube 40th anniversary marked by interactive Google Doodle

Monday’s Google Doodle marks Rubik’s Cube 40th anniversary, the 3-D Puzzle, Erno Rubik invented in 1974. So, Google fans will be puzzled today with this giant Rubik Cube on search homepage. This global doodle will be present on homepage on 19 May 2014.

Rubik's Cube 40th anniversary Google Doode
Rubik’s Cube 40th anniversary Google Doode(May 19, 2014)

Google Doodle have the option to play the Rubik Cube, originally called as Magic Cube, rotating and twisting it. By clicking on cube in homepage, it will get enlarged, there you can see option “?” telling how to play the game and also the option to go to the search page of ‘Rubik Cube invention’. Number of moves are shown at the left top of search bar.

Rubik Cube or Magic Cube,Okey, call it as you like. It’s the most appreciated puzzle invented ever. It’s world’s best sold puzzle game, about 350 million cubes have been sold till now. At the same time its the top sold toy. Parents all around world are happy to buy this for their kids, Magic Cube make the kids to think for a while before taking a move in the game.

Rubik's Cube
Rubik’s Cube

Cube’s fame went to such a height that many organizations are organizing special competition, winner will be the one who match the colors on every side in shortest time. Speedcube competitions are taking place all around the world. First Guinness Book of Record competition of cube took place in 1981, March 13 at Munich.

Today, many varieties of Rubik Cube are available in the market,upto 17 layers and also special software’s have also been introduced now on this puzzle. Solving Rubik Cube enhances intelligence and improve your coordination capability and speed. You can see this puzzle cube in many films and shows, to showcase the intelligence of character.

Doodles for games and puzzled have been part of Google previously. There was an interactive crossword puzzle doodle on 2013, December 21.Unfortunately, doodle was only visible to US users but now making Rubik Cube Puzzle available for global users, Google made every one happy. So, Enjoy the Puzzle.