Robot Taekwon V Google Doodle on 38th Birthday

Google Doodle for animated film Robot Taekwon V, on 24 July, for the 38th year celebration is ready on Google South Korea homepage.

Robot Taekwon V Google Doodle
Robot Taekwon V Google Doodle(July 24, 2014)

Google Doodle includes the Character of the Robot Taekwon V with logo wrote in red color. Clicking on doodle, Robot Taekwon V movie related links and videos will be listed. Kim Cheong-gi is the director of the movie. Yu Hyun-mok is the producer of this movie released in 1976.

Chinese animation movies Manga and anime Mazinger Z are the inspiration for the director Kim Cheong-gi. These Chinese characters were famous all over South Korea in 1970’s and Kim said” He wanted to create a Korean Hero for Korean kids”, this is the reason behind the origin of Robot Taekwon V. Running time of the movie was 85 minutes.

Creative heads behind the animation movie Robot Taekwon V

Film directed by : Kim Cheong-gi

Producer : Yu Hyun-mok

Story Writer : Ji Sang-Hak

Edited by : Yoon Ji Young

Movie became a huge hit and many sequels were released after it in following years. Voltar and Invincible is the name in which Robot Taekwon V dubbed and released in United States. Theme of the story deals with an evil scientists activity is mind of dominating the entire world.

Google have created their doodles for Animation movies and superhero characters before also. This Google Doodle for 38 year celebration of Robot Taekwon V will be on Korean Homepage of search giant for 24 hours.