Robert Burns Birthday Celebrated with Google Doodle

Google expressed the love and respect towards the famous poet Robert Burns by releasing this doodle on his Birthday. Robert Burns Birthday is on 25th January 1759 in Alloway. He was known as the national poet of Scotland. Robert Burns Birthday doodle is a real tribute for him.

robert burns birthday doodle
Robert Burns Birthday(January 25, 2011)

Robert Burns Birthday Doodle is simply beautiful and musical.The inclusion poetry notes and red rose increased the beauty of the doodle. The doodle also included the caption “My love is like a red red rose” which is a most famous poem of Robert .The placement of a rose flower in the Google Doodle instead of the letter G is a nice imaginative work done by the designer. The musical notes, rose flower, captions everything goes hand in hand.

Robert Burns
Robert Burns
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Robert burn was a well known lyricist and a poet of Scotland. He adopted his own ways and styles in his works. He included the topics like poverty, anticlericalism, gender roles, radicalism, class inequality in his works.

Robert was honored by many titles such as people’s poet of Russia, National poet of Scotland and many more. We can see Burn Fan’s clubs worldwide. Some of the famous poems which made the world recognize him are A red red rose, The battle of Sherammuir, Ae fond kiss, Tam o’shanter etc.

Robert burns had great affection towards his nation and its culture .He always tried to preserve the culture of his nation trough his works. Spontaneity, sincerity, humor, directness are some of the specialties of burns works. He was died on 21st July 1796.

Robert was given many honors both in his life time and after his death. SovietUnion showed their respect towards him by releasing a stamp of him on his 160th death anniversary. Burns night is celebrated on Scotland on Robert  Burns Birthday. He was there only few years on earth but he is still living in every heart through his works.