RIM plans to launch BlackBerry 10 on 30th January 2013

The popular mobile OS developer and Smartphone maker RIM officially announced that their new platform Blackberry 10 along with new Smartphones running on it will coming soon. RIM plans to launch BlackBerry 10 on 30th January 2013.RIM plans to launch BlackBerry 10 on 30th January 2013


RIM redesigned blackberry OS  provide total user interface experience with resizable widgets merged home screen and new rows of application list. The new version of BlackBerry platform helps to make easy navigation and accessing of applications. The active frames from home screen helps to get informed about what task can be done with a particular application. Mainly there are four different frames are shown at a time which are recently used. You can also tap on other application by scrolling down on the screen. The advanced QNX core system of BlackBerry helps to maintain the power management and keep out fast battery dryness.

BlackBerry 10 device screen can be easily unlocked by moving the thumbs up in the screen and sliding anywhere on it. The lock screen on BB10 device show off all important notifications and unread messages. It also allows us to gets informations about a particular application by dragging on the screen. The quick launching toolbar on the home screen helps the users to find out the applications they are searching for easily.  Also closing up off one particular application show off important updations and notifications. The whole applications list on the phone that are installed on it can easily launched by just swiping out from right to left. With BlackBerry 10 users can access multiple accounts at a time.

The multitasking on BB10 promises with new cascade functionality. The main feature of cascade is it allows to checking our new mail while we are composing for another one to our loved ones. Like Google play RIM Company also opens new application world that enriched with most effective applications. The advanced keyboard system on new version of BlackBerry OS will helps to makes our mails and messages easily as it provides next word prediction in a sentence. It also supports for multiple language writings. The camera and image applications of BlackBerry 10 are so effective than the previous versions.

The browser which is inbuilt on BlackBerry 10 is promises ultimate web experience to the users. The flash contents on webpages are easily showoff with this browser. The BlackBerry balance allows users to switch between personal and workspace. The active device will provide different ecosystem for both modes. The applications available on the two modes are completely different those are suite for the ecosystem. RIM also plans to launch Smartphones that are running on new version of BlackBerry OS. They think off to the new platform will change the market declinations and start for a new successful era.