Respect for Aged Day 2014 Marked with Google Doodle in Japan

Monday’s Google Doodle in Japan shows the respect for Aged. Yes, doodle is to mark the Respect for Age Day celebrated every year on third Monday of September. In 2014 its on 15 September.

Respect for Aged Day 2014 Google Doodle
Respect for Aged Day 2014 Google Doodle(September 15,2014)

Google Doodle is designed in color for aged. You can also see an elderly man and woman dressed up traditionally, its logo alphabet o’s replaced with the image. All other logo alphabets are designed using red color. Clicking on doodle lists search page for Respect of Age Day.

The day is a holiday in Japan. A day for children, mother’s, fathers and lovers are very common and celebrated with great fun and party around. Since 1940’s Japan gives special day to respect senior citizens.Its in 1966, current name and status was given for the day.

In every program of the day, elders are given respect. Gifts, greeting cards, flowers are given to elders on the day to honor them. In most of Japanese television channels special programs featuring elders are telecasted. It’s on 21st September , respect for aged day falls on 2015.

Today’s Google Doodle can be viewed in Google Japan search homepage for 24 hours. So, with Google, we can also respect elders and enjoy the day with them.