Republic Day of Italy Google Doodle with Flag

Republic Day doodle of Italy was designed by Google to honor the nation on the day it gained freedom. Italian people also gives great importance for the day. People over there observe special programs on this day.

Republic Day of Italy Google Doodle with Flag
Republic Day of ItalyJune 2, 2007)

It was by including the picture of national flag in the doodle Google wished Italian people the happiness of the day. National flag of Italy includes three colors. Republic Day of Italy Google Doodle included his flag in the doodle by replacing the alphabet ‘l’. I was in the year 1946 Italy got freedom. From then people celebrate the anniversary of freedom with great respect and honor for the nation.

It was after the election the republican rule got power in Italy. Till then monarchial rule prevailed in Italy where people didn’t have any right to express their thought. Italian people enjoyed the freedom of liberty after the Second World War.

When republican rule was introduced in Italy people enjoyed the freedom to express their thoughts. They got equal rights and rule. Democracy been always a tool for the common man to live without fear and discrimination in a nations. Most of the countries in the world now follows democratic rule. In those places where monarchal rule is seen today also follow some forms of democratic ideals to make the people comfortable and happy.

Italy flag
Italian Flag
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Italian people similarly like other people starts the Republic Day programs in the morning itself. Day starts with the parade and flag hoisting. Sweets and other sweetened food items are distributed among people after the parade.

There will be special honoring functions to honor those soldiers and families who sacrificed the whole life for the country and showed actual patriotism. Without them freedom may not be possible and the day is incomplete. In worship places and symmetries special rituals are organized to pray for the souls of those comrades for their great sacrifice. People visit the places where the battle occurred and keep flowers and light candles on this day.

Republic Day is an official public holiday in Italy and people celebrate the day commonly with the families. Though it’s n holiday special programs will takes place in schools, colleges and public places. Patriotism and true national spirit is seen in every programs of the day. Italian people always showed their respect for nations from years. Entire country celebrates this day with single heart and soul. Google also took the patriotic love of Italian in to account and published this special doodle on the anniversary of Republic.