Remembrance Day 2002 Google Doodle with Poppy

Remembrance Day commemorates the ones who died in 1st World War. Remembrance Day is also known as Armistice Day or Poppy Day. The Remembrance Day is observed in November 11 and as to remember all the hostilities of 1st World War on the same date in 1918.

Remembrance Day 2002 Google Doodle
Remembrance Day 2002 (November 11, 2002)

Google also participates in the Remembrance Day by releasing a simple and meaningful Remembrance Day 2002 Google Doodle. The logo has little changes. Instead of first ‘o’ of Google there is a red poppies in the logo. The flower in this doodle itself speaks everything. These red poppies are the important symbol in the Remembrance Day due to the song ‘In Flanders Fields’.

After the war the red poppies are blossomed in the battlefields in the Flanders. These bright red poppies are assumed to be symbol of blood spilled by the soldiers in the war. So it is appropriate to put the red poppy in the doodle. This is a perfect dedication to the army people who sacrifice their life for their own nation in the World War.

Remembrance Day in London
Remembrance Day in London

As a part of Remembrance Day wreaths all the soldiers fallen for their country, blessings and National Anthems. The Remembrance Day is observed in commonwealth nations like Australia, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, India, Kenya, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Remembrance Day is national holiday in Commonwealth nations. There are some little changes to the services performed in the Remembrance Day ceremony according to the country. Remembrance Day is observed in some non-commonwealth nations also. It is mainly observed in France, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and United States.

Soldiers or army members are honorable personalities who are the protection shield of a nation. Their service to the nation and people is unforgettable and we should feel pride on their effort. They are restless at borders in order to keep ourselves sleep safety in home. So it is a pride moment to commemorate the soldiers who spill their blood for their mother nation.