The biggest loss of Apple-Remembering Steve Jobs on first anniversary of his demise

Steve Jobs someone who special to the entire technical world and the legend who changed the technology in a way which we wanted the most. Now it is the time for to pay our tearful homage to the tech giant in his first anniversary of demise and remember him for some time, Apple company also shows joins a this sad moment by remembering Steve Jobs.Remembering Steve Jobs on first anniversary of his demise

Steve Jobs had a futuristic vision on technology that is no one ever has. Steve Jobs founded the Apple Company in 1976 along with his college friend Steve woziak. Steve Jobs had a keen focus on how the products can makes our life even better. The very first product from the company is a personal computer called ‘Apple II’ which was very successful at that time and it would continue for a long time.

The technological strength of Steve Jobs and Apple is understood to the people by the release of Macintosh in 1984; a series of personal computer which is the first personal computer that uses graphical user interface system. Steve Jobs had a great sense to understand his customers and he knew exactly what they want. iPod is the ever successful product of Apple and that was the first successful digital music player. Generations of generation of the iPod get released but still it became the top hit at market.

In 2007 Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone to the world. It was not looking up as a new smart phone but it would change the entire smart phone concept. Now iPhone series stand as the dominant smart phone ever. Apple is the top profit maker on smart phone market. Also whenever he introduced iPad most of the people turns for tablet and now more than 80% of tablet market is holds by Apple Inc. making of money is easy but making these kinds of monsters perfectly the work of a genius and only Steve Jobs can made it.

Steve Jobs is the ever best CEO the only one who generates a net profit of $144 million in a quarter and had a great insight of what the customers really want. The hawk’s focus of Steve Jobs on production makes the Apple the best company across the globe. Most of the people thinks about how the products looks; Apple had an additional thought of how the thinks works that thought made them so special in tech world.

Steve Jobs only focus on his customers so that everything else follows him. He is an ideal CEO with futuristic vision and controlling power that is why even the search giant Google dreamt for such a CEO.

Death comes to all but great achievements builds a monument that will remains until the sun grow cold.