How to reduce transparency in iOS 7.1devices

The flat design of iOS 7 made nig change within the outlook of operating system. At same time the lack of transparency control makes visual impairment for many users. Through new controls in iOS 7.1 you can get better visibility within the OS.

By making changes within transparency of iOS 7.1 you will get better visibility for the menus, controls and keyboards. It becomes helpful to identify small controls easily for many users.

Improve visibility in iOS 7.1

  • Goto settings.
  • Tap on general menu.accesssibility
  • Select accessibility.contrast
  • Tap on increase contrast option.reduce transparency
  • Now turn on reduce transparency option.reduce transparency in iOS 7.1

The visibility also depends on wallpaper you set. You can also find option for darken colors and for reducing white point from same section. These changes can be make at your wish.