Google introduced redesigned Google Play with tabbed pages

Today Google introducedredesigned Google Play for its web users. The new style of play store uses just as that of android version. Now it is easy to understand about applications as play store becomes content based one.

Redesigned Google PlayFrom today onwards you won’t see any tabbed pages for any application within play store. The new design merely focused for simpler designed that makes the users easy to understand about the application within it.

The new interface for Google Play provides a much clear look for it than before. Now it is easy to find out any contents within the play store. Upon the selection of any application you will gets a definite idea about that application with detailed description. With the new design the application informations makes much cleaner look.

Once you enter the redesigned Google Play and select any application within the play store then it provides an enlarged look. The screenshots of the particular application really makes the sense. As all of these come within an enlarged screen you feel more comfortable to understand about that application also on installation.large icons for redesigned google play

The navigation system within the left side of play store allows looking around it. The application, movies, books and devices options help the users to catch the contents within those particular categories. Also the search bar within the play store brings the right application with one click. The application listings within the play store also get revamped. Now it provides large icons with clear interface.