Get real time protection for your personal data with MyPermissions

In fact you can’t determine which all third party apps and services access your personal data. Many unknowingly doing online activities opens way for third party apps to access your data. Never mind, you can get real time protection for your personal data with MyPermissions, a 24*7 watchdog for your online accounts.Get real time protection for your personal data with MyPermissions

MyPermissions is a personal privacy protecting tool for your cloud based accounts. MyPermissions is available for android, iOS and for web. The service protect your sensitive informations by given control on what all apps can access data and what apps should be remove. In that way you can make sure that none of apps makes unauthorized access for your personal data.

MyPermissions constantly monitors the related applications for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Dropbox and for many other popular services. It checks the application permissions you have give to various social networking services, depending upon the app settings. Once MyPermissions completed the scanning for the signed in service it provide the list of apps access your personal data, can decide whether to trust or remove apps.

Top features of MyPermissions service

  • Automatically scan your cloud based accounts and provide the list of which all apps access your personal informations.
  • Removal and withstanding of apps with your permission in one click.
  • MyPermissions won’t store your data and browsing history.
  • Real time protection through instant alert on the accessing of your data by any applications.
  • Can suggest any service to MyPermissions that you want to monitor.

MyPermissions for cloud accounts

How to perform MyPermissions cleaner service

  • Get your MyPermissions for web, android or iOS.
  • Launch MyPermissions service.
  • Select the online service you want to monitor and authenticate with it when you asked for.
  • Will get list of application those access your personal informations.
  • Decide whether to remove or withstand the apps after reviewing the list.

MyPermissions also gives you live alert upon the time any application access sensitive informations. You have to sign up with MyPermission service to get alert within your inbox.