New Apple patent sounds real life answering capability for Siri

The redesigned Siri in iOS7 enriches with the sources Wikipedia, Bing and Twitter, impressive but not up answering questions in real life. But the new patent filed by the company reveals real life answering capability for Siri.real life answering capability for Siri

Real life answering capability for Siri

Rather than providing answers for technical based phrases Apple want to brings answers for real life questions, just like a human powered search engine. Apple’s new Siri based patents highlights real life answering feature in near future.

According to Apple the upcoming Siri feature allows you to ask your own questions in your own voice, Siri will immediately makes answer for them, ask like which was Steve Jobs’s favorite food, what foot games comes today, which is best pizza..Etc.

Apple will bring answers for real life questions through Siri in two methods, either immediately or through response to previous question, give a clear picture like Google Now service.  First of all Apple need vast database for answering real life questions, will acquire such a source in near months.

ChaCha is the service that shows resemblance to Apple’s new Siri patent, the site provide answer fr more than 2.5 billion human powered questions. When Apple wins to bring service like Chacha through Siri then it becomes very helpful in getting answers for your own questions while driving or doing some other tasks.

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