Raymond Loewy ‘Father of Industrial Design’ gets a Google Doodle

Google Doodle marks 120th Birthday of Raymond Loewy, the Industrial designer who is famous for his designs in various industries. Loewy decorates title ‘Father of Industrial Design’.

Raymond Lowey Google Doodle
Raymond Lowey Google Doodle(November 5, 2013)

K4s Pacific #3768 shroud nicknamed as ‘The Torpado’ designed by Raymond Loewy in 1936, illustrated in Google doodle. Somehow doodlers managed to make Google logo appear with in the image of this locomotive.

Raymond Loewy and Designs

Loewy born on 5 November 1893 in Paris is a outstanding figure who came to be known as ‘ The man shaped America’ , ‘The father of Industrial Design’ and ‘The father of streamlining’.

Loewy is one among few who have put their signature in wide range of fields during a lifetime. From cigarette packet to space crafts, collaborating with more than 200 companies Lowey did numerous designs.

Raymond Lowey
Raymond Lowey[Image Credit:raymondlowey.com]
Lowey started his own company in 1930’s. The company is still running with all fame and name today also. His perspective is very clear in these words, He said:

“the average person, whether in the country, a village, a city, or a metropolis, leading a normal life, is bound to be in daily contact with some things, services, or structures which R.L.A [Raymond Loewy Associates] was a party during the design or planning stage.”

Some of the most prominent design from RLA are Coca-Cola bottle,  John F Kennedy postage stamp, Sears coldspot refrigerator, Logo design for companies including  Shell, BP,Chup corp and Exxon, also NASA’s Skylab, Saturn I and Saturn V interiors.

Lowey was a Captain in First World Warin France ,  getting injured in 1919,emigrated to America.  Lowey started his career as an industrial designer in 1929.It’s for Stigmund Gestitner, the mimeograph manufacturer ,he did first design Lowey’s attitude and success as an industrial designer made him appear on Time Magazine Cover in 1949, October.

Lowey died on 1986, July 14 at age 92.