Ray Charles 74th Birthday Google Doodle

Ray Charles Robinson popularly known as Ray Charles was a well-known American musician, Composer, bandleader and arranger. Ray Charles was known as a pioneer of soul music that emerged during 1950’s. The soul music is a fusion of rhythm and blues, blues and gospel styles that he was used in Atlantic Records, the recording done in his earlier stage of career.

Ray Charles 74th Birthday Google Doodle
Ray Charles’ 74th Birthday (September 22, 2004)

As his modern sound albums are seemed to be success he tried to mix up the pop music and country music during 1960’s with the success of ABC Records in which he tried the crossover mentioned. After the success of ABC album Ray Charles become the first American musician to take the artistic control of one of the biggest mainstream company.

Ray was appreciated by Frank Sinatra as “the only true genius in show business.” The areas of music which influenced him mainly are blues, Jazz and rhythm and blues. Ray Charles not only influenced by pop music but also he is impressed by some country musicians in his days such as Art Tatum,  Charles Brown,  Nat King Cole,  Louis Armstrong and  Louis Jordan etc. He is influenced by country blues, stride piano and barrelhouse styles and it can be reflected clearly in his music playing.

Ray Charles
Ray Charles (1930 – 2004)
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On the occasion of Ray Charles 74th Birthday Google gifted him a special doodle. Ray Charles was born on September 23, 1930. So Google gifted him a doodle one day before his birthday. His birth name was Ray Charles Robinson and he was popularly known as Ray Charles as to avoid the confusion by name with the champion boxer Sugar Ray Robinson.

Ray Charles 74th Birthday Google Doodle contains the charming face of the legend. He always appears before the public with that usual smile. As his music his facial expressions are also that much impressing. He normally appears with those black glasses and a big smile on his face. So it is apt to give the picture of Ray Charles with this big smile, black glasses and mike.

In 2004 he was ranked in 10th position among “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” by Rolling Stone. Then again in 2008 he was ranked in 2nd position among “100 Greatest Artists of All Time” by Rolling Stone. We can borrow the words said by Billy Joel and honor him for his by saying that he is the first guy who tried a lot of things and put many things together in his artistic form and proved it as working.

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