Raicho Hiratsuka’s 128th Birthday Google Doodle

Google will publish this doodle on homepage in honor to the famous activist, writer, journalist and feminist Raicho Hiratsuka on February 10th. Raichi, her pen name was a distinguished woman of past and present, who strongly believed that women were not born only to serve men.

Raicho Hiratsuka's 128th Birthday Google Doodle
Raicho Hiratsuka’s 128th Birthday Google Doodle (February 10, 2014)

In Raicho Hiratsuka Google Doodle , You can see Raicho Hiratsuka herself holding the magazine ‘Bluestocking’ . Bluestocking ,the feminist magazine founded  by Hiratsuka in 1911 ,opened to the world with words ‘ In the beginning women was Sun ‘ , insisted Japanese women to be self worthy, creative and fulfill the human potential.  Google Doodle pictured Roicho with the first edition of magazine that stood for women’s right in all sense.

It’s the education in Japan Women’s University which made a turning point in her life. As the editor of Bluestocking, Hiratsuka took initiative for  encouraging women’s development activities. New  Women’s Association was founded by Hiratsuka in 1920 along with some other human right activists. She was an influential lady of that era.

Though she had many to follow, Raicho Hiratsuka came across many financial problems and controversies,  which lead to the closing of Bluestocking Magazine in 1916. It was in February the final edition of Magazine was out. After this incidents it is in post war time, Hiratsuka again came out as the public figure with the peace movement.

Despite of her age, Hiratsuka raised the voice for peace and women’s rights. Hiratsuka was died on 21 May 1971. Google with the doodle honored the icon on her 128th Birthday.