Poet Rafael Pombo honored with Google Doodle on 180th Birthday

Google Colombia presented with a colorful doodle on homepage for marking birthday of Rafael Pombo. Pombo is the man famous in Colombia for writing Children’s Poetry.

Rafael Pombo Google Doodle
Rafael Pombo Google Doodle(November 7, 2013)

Rafael was born on 7 November 1833. Google doodle portraits some of the notable characters from Pombo’s work. Pombo is mainly known for children’s literature works and doodle also reflects it clearly. Logo of search giant is included in doodle as characters of Pombo. Entire doodle is decorated with lot of colors. Life in Pombo’s works are reflected in doodle too.

Rin Rin the Tadpole, The poor little old woman, Juan Chunguero, Pastorciata are notable poems from him. Rimming words in his poem have a great attention grabbing power. Pombo was selected as the best poet in Colombia in the 1905.

Professionally Rafael Pombo is a engineer and mathematician. He was trained from military school and also served in army for years. Pombo was send to United States of America with an assignment as Secretory of Legislation in Washington.

Pombo was appointed by D.Appleton & Company to translate Spanish poems and nursery rhymes.  After completing his works in America after 17 years Pombo came back to Colombia. There he actively wrote many children’s work and poetry. He was well known among all other poets from Colombia.

This Google Doodle once again makes Colombians remember poet who made their childhood colorful with beautiful rhymes and poems.  Pombo died on 5th May 1912.