Google celebrates Rachel Louise Carson’s 107th Birthday with Doodle

Google published a special Doodle to celebrate 107th birthday of Rachel Louise Carson. She was a well known American marine biologist, environmentalist and writer, one of most influential writer from 20th century.

Rachel Louise Carson's 107th Birthday with Doodle
Rachel Louise Carson’s 107th Birthday with Doodle (27th May, 2014)

The 107th birthday Doodle of Rachel Carson portraits how deeply she loved the nature. You can see different species of plants, animals and birds within this birthday Google Doodle. In that way the Doodle reflect how Rachel Carson alerted the world about importance of wildlife and plants in maintaining ecological balance of nature. You can also see portrait of a lady with binocular and book, to show off Rachel Carson’s great passion in research and writing.

rachel carsonRachel Louise Carson showed her great passion for nature from childhood days onwards. After the graduation Rachel Carson worked in Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts. From there she get deep knowledge about marine life and in 1941 shed published her first book ‘Under the sea wind’, described everything about marine life in simple and clearer words.’The sea around us’ , The second book from Rachel Carson which described about marine life got published in the year 1951, one of best seller of that time.

Later she conducted deep research about impact of fertilizers and pesticides in nature. Through her most popular work ‘ The silent spring’ she altered the word about dark side of pesticides and fertilizers.

At last on 14th April 1964 Rachel Carson died of cancer. Still she remembered as one of most influential writer and environmentalist who showed importance of protecting the nature.

Bottom image credit : Flickr