Google Doodle on 10th October mark R K Narayan’s 108th Birthday

Google India homepage includes a doodle today to mark 108th Birthday of famous writer R K Narayan. Its on 1906 October 10, Narayan born in Madras, Tamil Nadu.

R K Narayan Google Doodle
R K Narayan Google Doodle(October 10, 2014)

This doodle in memory of R K Narayan includes Malagudi Day’s, collection of short stories as theme, also you can see picture of creator of Malagudi Days in it as the cover of book. Malagudi Days was published in the year 1943 in India and republished in 1982 outside India. Fictional town Malagudi is the set for most of Narayan’s works.

Listing out search page for R K Narayan, Google gives you details of this famous Indian writers life and works within a click on doodle. Google India users can view doodle for 24 hours in homepage.

Narayan have wrote 12 Novels, many short stories and mythological stories. Simple dialogues and natural humor is the highlight of his works. As mentioned most of works relates to Malgudi and life seen around him. Humor and his way of writing makes critics mention him as Indian Chekhov.

Swami and Friends, a novel published in 1935 was the break through in Narayan writing career. After that he wrote many other novels, essays and short stories which made his fame reach all around the world. R K Narayan is one of the Indian author who have played great role in taking Indian literature around the globe.

The book which is theme of today’s Google Doodle, after getting republished in 1982 was aired as a television series in 2006 on Doordharshan. Including Sahitya Akademi Award, Padhma Vibhushan and AC Benson Medal, Narayan have received many honors and awards. He was also nominated for Nobel Prize in literature.

With this doodle, Google honors him and wishes Malgudi’s native son for his 108th Birthday. So, today Google India users get an opportunity to remember this great writer and also those interested in reading can spend some time in library reading his books.