Queen’s Day of Netherlands 2003 Google Doodle

Queen’s Day of Netherlands is the most celebrated public holiday of Netherland. It’s celebrated on April 30 with great functions. Queen’s Day is known asKoninginnedag in Netherlands. Queen’s Day celebrations are the best among other celebrations of Netherland.

Queen’s Day of Netherlands 2003 Google Doodle
Queen’s Day of Netherlands 2003(April 30, 2003)

Queen’s Day is celebrated in a grand way in Netherland. Queen Beatrix is the present queen of Netherlands. It was her official birthday celebrated as Queen’s Day. Queen Beatrix was born on 31st January but it’s her mother Queen Juliana’s birthday is observed as the Queen’s Day of Netherlands.

On this day on Google home page a special doodle was published. It was designed in a golden color. This color makes the doodle royal and beautiful. It also included the royal crown on the Google letter ‘o’. The doodle on Google clearly reflects the significance of day. People get attracted to the Queen’s Day of Netherlands 2003 Google Doodle in single look as it’s designed with the beautiful golden color.

Queen’s Day was first observed in the year 1885. It was known by the name Prinsessdag or Princess’s Day at that time. It was the 50th birthday of Princess Wilhelmina .August 31st was the last day of summer vacation so it had a great prominence among children of Netherland. After Princess Wilhelmina Queen Juliana became the new Queen of Netherlands and the Queen’s Day was shifted to her birthdate April 30. After Juliana Queen Beatrix became the Queen of Netherland but she retained the Queen’s Day date as April 30.

During the time of Queen Juliana there was a custom of receiving a parade near royal palace. But Queen Beatrix changed the custom and started the custom of visiting Dutch towns on that day to take part in celebrations. There are many customs and traditions related to Queen’s Day in Netherlands. Main celebration on the day takes place in Amsterdam, Arnhem, The Hague, and Utrecht. On these place the celebrations starts on 29th of April and reach to its peak on 30thApril. Street parties, musical concerts, public gatherings are common in this day.

Queen's Day
Queen’s Day[ Image Credit :dutchcham.sg]
Orange is the color associated with this celebration. On that day people dye their hair to orange color to take part in celebrations. The Dutch royal house is known by the name “House of Orange –Nassau” .This is the reason for association of Orange color with Netherlands. On the official days of Netherlands an orange cloth known as Wimpel is hanged above the national flag of Netherlands.

On Queen’s Day many dishes will be prepared to celebrate. The traditional drink is Oranje bitter which is made of Orange peel soaked in jenever. Orange cakes, custard slices with orange filling and soft drinks are included in the Queen’s Day menu.

People over Netherland celebrate the holiday with fun, party and enjoyment. It’s a beautiful sight to see an orange sea of people on the flea market on this day. The celebrations of this day are the most and best celebrations of Netherland. All over the country a fun and happy atmosphere is present on that day. Google also participated in the happiness and joy of this day by publishing this doodle. Every year people eagerly wait for this day for celebration.