Queen’s Day Netherlands Google Doodle 2004

Queen’s Day is celebrated in Kingdom of Netherland as a national holiday. It is celebrated on the official birthday of Queen Beatrix of Netherlands. Her actual birth date is on 31st January and Queen’s Day is actually celebrated in the memory of her predecessor and mother Juliana.

Queen’s Day Netherlands Google Doodle 2004
Queen’s Day Netherlands Google Doodle 2004 (April 29, 2004)

Queen’s Day Netherlands Google Doodle 2004 was included in Netherlands Google homepage with crown in golden alphabets. Queen’s Day Netherlands Google Doodle 2004 is  simply royal and beautiful in its design.

Queen’s Day is observed to celebrate in 30th April, but if 30th April is Sunday then it will be celebrated on 29th April. The celebration was first observed in 1885 as princess day in the name of Princess Wilhelmina on her 5th birthday anniversary. After this the celebration continued in the name of Juliana as Julianabirthday. Then the rights are handed over to her daughter and named as Queen’s Day. So the celebration continued every year on April 30 after she ascended the throne in 1980.

Queen's Day Celebration
Queen’s Day Celebration [Image Credit : www.expatica.com]
As mentioned earlier  celebration was started with Wilhelmina who was the princess from 1885 to 1890. Later she became the queen of Dutch in 1890 to 1948. The princess day was first celebrated when she was princess for the first time.

Wilhelmina successor Juliana was the queen of Netherlands during the year 1948 to 1980. Juliana hand over her place to her daughter Queen Beatrix in 1980 and presently the Queen’s Day is celebrated in her name.

From the year 2014 on wards the celebration will be known as Koningsdag (Dutch pronunciation). The popularity of the celebration is racing year after year.

Queen’s Day Netherlands festivities are take place in streets with many people gathered. The people take part in celebration dye their hair with an Orange color and wear orange colored clothes in honor of House of Orange-Nassau which rules the whole Netherlands.