Qatar National 2013 Google Doodle

Qatar National 2013 Google Doodle was published in Google Qatar homepage on 18th December. National Day of Qatar is the most celebrated day in Qatar. Every year it’s 18th December they celebrate the National Day.

Qatar National 2013 Google Doodle
Qatar National 2013 Google Doodle(December 18, 2013)

Google Doodle for Qatar National Day have featured one among the most beautiful place of Qatar, The Corniche. In the logo, alphabet G is replaced with a pear and shell, It is the view from The Corniche. It’s in Doha, most of the pear related industries is functioning in Qatar.

Here as in Google doodle, we can see a huge water body which extends to miles and miles. This is the important land mark of the country. Pearl Statue that we can see in the doodle is built in Corniche in memory of pearl diving history of Qatar. Pearl monument is also situated over there.Google doodle took this place to design the entire logo. Apart from ‘G’ in the logo, in background of all other alphabets we can see a view of the corniche with monuments, boats and water. It’s the place in the Doha, loved by people to spend some time relaxing.

In 2013 also, Qatar celebrated the national day with grant programs. The Corniche is the place where huge fiework show take place on the day.In the doodle, its the day view of the Corniche Doha, featured. But on national day, it’s night which gives people more pleasur to eyes with colorful fireworks. National Day Qatar is an official holiday in Qatar. Every where there will be national day programs to commemorate unification and independence of the country.

By choosing Pearl doodle to celebrate the major pearl trading nations National Day, Google wished all people over there. The beauty of the country along with the significance of the day reflected in Qatar National  doodle perfectly.