New updation will bring push to talk feature for WhatsApp messaging

WhatsApp messaging service made a tremendous growth in the platform. The four year old Company now have more than 300 million active users. The CEO Jan Konum announced that push to talk feature for WhatsApp will available through next updation.

push to talk feature for WhatsAppThe next updation for WhatsApp service will arrives within 24 hours. It will bring push to talk feature for WhatsApp messaging service. The new feature within the WhatsApp service available for the platform such as iOS, android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Nokia.

Why we need push to talk feature for whatsapp

Of course voice messaging service is not at all a new feature within the platform. But WhatsApp make it in pretty easy way. According to CEO Jan Konum the fulfillment of Customer satisfaction can get by making the service simple and fast. Push to talk feature within WhatsApp ensures this simplicity and fastness.

Like walkie talkie system user can push a record message to the receiver. It will help you to avoid the various taping steps that you found with another services. To block a record message from being send also becomes easy with WhatsApp service. The only thing you have to do is swipe to the left, it will wash out the record message.Voice messaging for WhatsApp

The push to talk feature for WhatsApp won’t ask any time limit in recording a message. So users will able to complete their voice message without having think about time limit. Upon the recording time of a voice message the volume will automatically switch from the speakers.

A microphone icon will also appear while you playing a voice message through WhatsApp service. The push to talk feature for WhatsApp helps to create the message much faster than texting, because some language becomes really hard to type. For example the Russian language has 33 letters in its alphabets. It is thinks to be the feature within WhatsApp will make the penetration of service to more countries within short time.

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