PSYs YouTube channel crossed 3 Billion views

South Korea’s sensational pop star PSY now hit with yet another You Tube record. PSYs YouTube channel crossed 3 Billion views. The trendsetter Gangnam style now crossed 1.7 billion views and Gentleman on 475 million views.

PSYs YouTube channelGangnam style song itself was the one which made PSY this much popular. Within 5 months after the official release Gangnam style became the first ever You Tube video to hit 1 billion views. Now PSYs YouTube channel hit with 3 billion views. Justin Bieber and Rihanna are other two artists who have the record of most number of You Tube channel views.

PSYs YouTube channel

In the month of April PSY released his Gentleman song. On the first day itself Gentleman song crossed 38.4 million views in YouTube. Also within four day the song hit with the milestone of 100 million views. For Gangnam style it took nearly two months to hit 100 million views record. PSY’s Gentleman became the most viewed online video in 24 hours.

Now it is almost ready to touch the record of half a billion views in coming days. Gangnam style is waiting for another milestone within You Tube. It already crossed 1.7 billion views, of course it takes only a few weeks to hit with 2 billion views,No You Tube videos until now hit with this record.

The totally different dance movement is what which made Gangnam style to reach to this popular. PSY uses horse trot in his most popular Gangnam style song.

Milestones made by PSY’s Gangnam style
  • The first ever You Tube video to hit with 1 billion views.
  • Most viewed Korean musical video in You Tube.
  • Gangnam style is recognized by Guinness books of world records.
  • Became best music video at MTV Europe music awards.
  • Yale book of quotations adds ‘oppa gangnam style’.
  • Won American musical award.
  • Gangnam style had top listed in 30 countries.
  • Became top at China’s Search engine Baidu’s download list.
  • Millions of people watched the live performance of Gangnam style in all over the world.