PSY’s Gentleman crosses 53 million YouTube hits in two days

The Korean pop singer Park Jae Sang (PSY) is one of the most popular musicians in the planet. The Gangnam style song which is released in last July became an all-time trendsetter in internet. Previous Saturday PSY officially released his new song. PSY’s Gentleman crosses 53 million YouTube hits in two days.

PSY's Gentleman made  53 million views in two daysYouTube hosted a live concert on PSY’s Gentleman song release on 13th April. The live performance of PSY was watched by millions of viewers from all around the globe. The official event was held at Seoul world cup stadium, South Korea. The whole stadium was filled with PSY fans. PSY show off different types of performance along with release of Gentleman song.

Within 24 hours after the official release it crosses 18 million views in YouTube. After two days it counts 53 million and still increasing at every second. The video also makes more than 7 lacks of likes from the viewers. The previously released Gangnam styles made 1.5 billion YouTube hits. Gentleman song is far away from that record.

The Gentleman song doesn’t have an amazing step that we see with Gangnam style. The Gentleman song is a mixture of Korean and English. The focusing thing of song is presence of PSY himself. Most of fans believed that the song was good but not up to Gangnam style. The horse trot moment that performed by PSY in Gangnam style is followed by the whole world. In fact Gentleman song never comes up to Gangnam style for sure.

Most of the viewers liked for the fantastic lines that PSY used in the song. Also his style of presentation is loved by everyone. Also there is some interesting dance steps show off by PSY. There is a rapid change in the number of viewers for Gentleman song in every second. If the current trend continues for coming days surely it crosses many records within YouTube like Gangnam style.